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physical therapy after car accident
Car Accident Therapy

When to Go to Physical Therapy After a Car Accident

Most people will be involved in a car accident at some time in their life, either as a driver or passenger. Fortunately, most are minor...

Carpal Tunnel Symptoms
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Symptoms to Be Aware Of

Are you experiencing carpal tunnel symptoms? Carpal tunnel syndrome is a hand condition caused by compression of the median nerve. That is the primary nerve...

Physical Therapy Before Surgery
Pre/Post Surgery

Benefits of Physical Therapy Before Surgery

Physical therapy is a healthcare specialty that helps patients with medical conditions or injuries that affect their ability to move and function. Through exercise, manual...

how to build ankle strength
Ankle Pain

How to Build Ankle Strength to Avoid Injury

As weight-bearing joints, our ankles experience a lot of wear and tear during the course of our lives. Over time, routine physical activity can take...

Aquatic Physical Therapy
Aquatic Therapy

Key Benefits of Aquatic Physical Therapy

Aquatic physical therapy is a form of physical therapy that takes place in a pool or other water environment. It is often used in conjunction...

How to Prevent Knee Pain When Running
Runner’s Knee

How to Prevent Knee Pain When Running

Running is an excellent form of exercise, offering a wealth of mental and physical benefits. But this repetitive, weight-bearing activity can also be hard on...

Hand and Wrist Stretches
Hand & Wrist Pain

6 Effective Hand and Wrist Stretches

Wrist and hand pain are two of the most common complaints for millions of Americans every single year. Wrist and hand pain is especially common...

Healthy New Year's Resolution
Health & Nutrition

Tips for Sticking to Your Healthy New Year’s Resolution Goal

One of the many exciting things about the new year is that it offers a great starting point for individuals to make a change in...

How to Prevent Osteoporosis

How to Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens bone mass and strength, making them prone to sudden fractures. The condition is highly-common, affecting an estimated 200 million...

When to See a Doctor for Wrist Pain
Hand & Wrist Pain

When to See a Doctor for Wrist Pain

We use our hands and wrists to do most routine tasks—from getting dressed in the morning to driving a car or cooking dinner. Pain in...

How to Treat Runner’s Knee
Runner’s Knee

How to Treat Runner’s Knee With Physical Therapy

If you have pain around the kneecap that worsens with activity, you may have a common condition called runner’s knee. The term is a bit...

Top Youth Sports Injuries
Injury Prevention

Top Youth Sports Injuries and Tips for Avoiding Them

Youth sports in the United States are some of the most popular recreation-related activities for children, teenagers, and their family members who support them along...