Mature woman watching and copying wrist exercises at home, guided by a virtual physical therapist

Telehealth physical therapy

Virtual physical therapy visits are making it possible for patients to complete their physical therapy appointments from the comfort of home.

All about telehealth physical therapy

What is a telehealth physical therapy appointment?

Telehealth physical therapy is simply physical therapy services that are provided over a technology platform, instead of in a clinic. Utilizing video conferencing through a computer, tablet, or smartphone, a licensed physical therapist will work one-on-one with you to assess your condition and provide real-time feedback. They can also provide modifications and recommendations on current programs and exercises, and help you continue your therapy progress without disruption or regression.

What are the benefits of telehealth physical therapy?

  • Provides an option for patients looking to take extra precautions during uncertain times
  • Allows patients to participate in their physical therapy treatments from the comfort of their home
  • Can be used to complement your in-clinic treatment plan
  • Offers quick access to care with no office wait
  • Is available for diagnosis, consultation, education, and care management
  • Minimizes travel to a clinic
  • Allows patients in rural or far-away locations to get quality care
  • Gives patients greater freedom to schedule appointments that fit their schedules

How do I prepare for and join the telehealth physical therapy session?

Prior to your session, your clinician will send you an introduction email with tips for the session and a link to join the telehealth visit. You can join the visit on your desktop or mobile devices. If you want to join it on a mobile device, make sure you download the MedBridge GO app beforehand.  App download can be found here:

5 easy steps to telehealth physical therapy success:

  1. Be ready to join your call 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time.
  2. You will receive a separate email or text message prior to your call with a meeting link.
  3. Click ‘Join Call’ to enter the virtual waiting room.
  4. Enable your mic and camera, verify your location and accept Terms & Conditions.
  5. You will receive a message when your provider is ready.

Telehealth physical therapy tips:

  • Make sure your device has a reliable internet connection and that your audio and video are enabled.
  • If using a laptop or desktop, use Chrome or Firefox browser for the best experience, and make sure your web browser is on the latest version.
  • If using the MedBridge Go app, ensure your app is up to date through your device’s app store.
  • Once connected with your provider, we recommend using your mobile device in landscape mode. This will allow for your provider to have the best view of you during your session.
  • We also recommend that you have plenty of room to perform the exercises and are in more private areas as your provider may discuss some of your medical data.
  • For technical troubleshooting or frequently asked questions visit the Help Center.