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At Benchmark Physical Therapy, we empower people of all ages and activity levels to start moving with confidence.

Why Choose Benchmark


One-on-one attention and an individualized care plan are central to our “listen-and-adopt” approach.


You’ll work with the same clinical team throughout your journey, building trust as you build strength.


At every Benchmark location, you’ll find professional, supportive, and results-driven therapists.

Where Does it Hurt?

Pain is a sign that something's not right. Select a body region to discover common causes of pain, symptoms, and treatment options.

Success Stories

I've used them for lower back & neck pain, TMJ and plantar fasciitis. No matter what I'm being treated for, I leave feeling better and with more knowledge of how to take better care of myself. I like the fact that they treat you with the intention of you getting better and not having to keep coming back over and over again for the same problem.
BenchMark Physical Therapy Patient
Corey is a great therapist. He takes a lot of time evaluating your problem. He got to the source of my problem & got me walking better without pain. He listens & asks questions at every visit.
BenchMark Physical Therapy Patient
My doctor referred me to BenchMark due to severe pain in my left leg related to an aggravated sciatic nerve. I experienced severe pain and leg spasms that greatly affected my daily activities. After Andrew evaluated me, he recommended a series of exercises that increased my range of motion and decreased pain every session. After just one month, I am pain free, have a full range of motion and can walk without limping.
BenchMark Physical Therapy Patient


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