male physical therapist helping female patient stretch her knee

Sports Physical Therapy

We prepare athletes to return to sports after an injury or surgery, assist in the prevention of future injuries, reduce the risk of re-injury, and improve performance.

What is sports physical therapy?

For athletes facing injury, the ultimate goal of sports rehab is to return them to their individualized sport. Unfortunately, with traditional physical therapy, there is often a large gap between rehabilitation after an injury or surgery and returning to sports. We bridge this gap with sports physical therapy to reduce re-injury and complications after surgery and improve sports performance.

Benefits of sports physical therapy

While your particular injury and level of activity you’re working toward will dictate the specific sports physical therapy techniques used, you can expect benefits like decreased inflammation, relief of spasms, improved tissue healing, better balance and coordination, and regained strength. We’ll provide a personalized, sport-specific physical therapy program designed to improve mobility and return you to pre-injury function.

teenage boy getting his arm examined by female physical therapist

What can sports physical therapy help with?

Your physical therapist will do a comprehensive evaluation of not just your injury, but the injury cause and the demands of your specific sport. Sports rehabilitation treats a wide variety of conditions including:

physical therapist showing patient how to use resistance bands to stretch foot

What to expect

Your first physical therapy appointment is about creating a personalized treatment plan based on your health history, diagnosis, and goals. Here’s what you can expect at your first physical therapy appointment:

Your first appointment will last about an hour. Please arrive 15 minutes early.

If applicable, bring your physician referral or prescription, insurance card, paperwork, ID, and co-payment.

At your appointment, we’ll do an initial evaluation and discuss your care plan.

*Services are not available at every location. Visit our Locations page for more details.

Physical therapy insurance & payment options

We work with most major insurance providers. Although coverage will vary from plan to plan, many physical therapy, occupational therapy and speciality therapy programs are covered under insurance. Learn more about our insurance coverage and self-pay options for physical therapy.