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As part of the Upstream Rehabilitation family of clinical care, our guiding principles extend far beyond the walls of our centers and the hours in which we operate. Building our culture on the principles of stewardship and servant leadership, we expect that each team makes a positive impact—one patient and one community at a time.

Through financial contributions and the volunteer efforts of our associates, Upstream Rehabilitation strongly supports many non-profit programs and organizations on both a local and international level. Serving our communities is a company-wide expectation, which is why each full-time associate is given a paid charity day in which they can give back to their local community.

Pillars with Purpose

Pillars with Purpose Charitable Funds are the first-ever formalized giving vehicle for Upstream Rehabilitation associates to give to a cause of their choice in an impactful way.Upstream Pillars with Purpose Logo

  • Benevolent Fund for Children & Family Welfare
  • Benevolent Fund for Cancer Research & Patient Care
  • Benevolent Fund for Military Personnel & Family Care
  • Benevolent Fund for Emergent Needs
  • Benevolent Fund for Faith-Based Initiatives
  • Benevolent Fund for Domestic & International Missions
  • Benevolent Fund for Charitable Giving

Please use this form to request a grant from one of our funds.

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