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physical therapy for neurological disorders

Physical Therapy for Neurological Disorders

Neurological disorders are the leading cause of cognitive and physical disability worldwide. These conditions affect the structures that control communication between the brain and different...

what is generalized weakness

What Is The Cause of Generalized Weakness and Fatigue

Weakness and fatigue are two of the most common nonspecific medical complaints clinicians encounter. And because they are linked to so many different medical conditions,...

Neurological Physical Therapy

Signs You May Need Neurological Physical Therapy

Neurological physical therapy evaluates and treats patients experiencing movement problems due to a nervous system injury or disease. Specially-trained physical therapists utilize evidenced-based technologies and...

physical therapist and senior patient discussing physical therapy for weakness and aging
Neurological Physical Therapy

Equine (Horse)-Assisted Therapy Can Help Musculoskeletal or Neurological Conditions

By Stephanie Lever, Lancaster PA Center Equine-assisted therapy refers to physical, occupational, or speech therapy that uses horses as treatment tools. It is referred to...

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