man standing in physical therapy clinic entrance


Does your insurance cover physical therapy?

Physical therapy insurance coverage can vary from plan to plan but many cover physical, occupational, and specialty therapy. We can help you understand what is covered through the patient intake process. If you have further questions about verification of benefits or eligibility please contact your insurer prior to scheduling a visit.

What insurance do we accept?

We are contracted with and accept most major healthcare insurance programs. If you don’t have insurance or don’t want to use insurance for physical therapy, your care could also be eligible for coverage under other third party payors like worker’s compensation, motor vehicle insurance, or attorney liens.

two physical therapists helping their patients during an appointment

What are your self-pay options?

We offer flexible payment options to help offset the cost of physical therapy, including:

  • Cost-share is due at each visit, and the frequency of visits could be up to three (3) times a week.
  • We accept all major credit cards, HRA, flex spending accounts, and personal checks.

Please note that payment is due at the time of service. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us, or reach out to your specific location.

young teenage boy laying on a table while female physical therapist stretches his foot