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How to Prevent Knee Pain When Running
Knee Pain

Total Knee Replacement

By Tim Mazer, RVP, Western Pennsylvania For those over the age of 50 living with worsening knee pain caused by osteoarthritis, a total knee replacement...

physical therapist and senior patient discussing physical therapy for weakness and aging
Neurological Physical Therapy

Equine (Horse)-Assisted Therapy Can Help Musculoskeletal or Neurological Conditions

By Stephanie Lever, Lancaster PA Center Equine-assisted therapy refers to physical, occupational, or speech therapy that uses horses as treatment tools. It is referred to...

Career Tips

Education of a Physical Therapist

by: Kati Mol, Columbia SC Center WHERE THE PROFESSION OF PHYSICAL THERAPY IS GOING In the past few years the profession of physical therapy has...

Physical Therapy

How Physical Therapy Can Reduce Risk of Falling

Chris Ferlo, PT- Milford Center Falls can diminish a senior’s ability to lead an active and independent lifestyle. According to the American Physical Therapy Association, some...

Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention for Musicians

Darla M. Wilson, PT, DPT (Undergraduate Minor in Music Performance) – Austintown, OH Center Whether you are a professional musician, a music student, or just like...

Back Pain

7 Steps for Ensuring Resolution of Symptoms After Lumbar Fusion Surgery

Anthony Sacerino, PT, DPT- West York Clinic A typical lumbar fusion is performed for a patient experiencing both low back and leg pain.  The importance...

Back Pain

Don’t Let a Heavy Backpack Be a Drag on Student Health

Zachary Haulman- Altoona Center After a summer away, students might find it hard to get moving when school resumes. Or maybe it’s just that their...

Injury Prevention

Golf Warm-Up to Prevent Injury and Enhance Performance

The smell of fresh-cut grass, the warmth of the rising sun, and the peaceful quiet of a golf course on a summer morning: what a...


Functional Movement Screen Offers 7 Body Weight Movements to Determine Neuromuscular Ability

by: Zachary Haulman, Altoona Center Another school year is upon us, which means another scholastic athletic season is, too. How do you know whether you are...

Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention For the Long-Distance Runner

As the marathon season quickly approaches this year, runners everywhere are once again lacing up their trainers, strapping on their watches, and hitting the asphalt,...


Five Tips For Exercising Before and During Your Summer Vacation

Summer vacation season is here. Here are five exercise tips that will get you ready and keep you active while vacationing: Start slowly: Do not...


Training Muscles vs. Movement

Kevin Kane PT, DPT- Hilliard,OH Everyone from the weekend warrior to professional athlete knows the value of strengthening to increase performance.  However, how much thought...