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BenchMark Physical Therapy Donates $30,000 to Bradley County Schools

BenchMark Physical Therapy has made a donation of $30,000 to Bradley County Schools athletic department. This donation has aided the school system with resources to install new jumbotron scoreboards at both Walker Valley High School and Bradley Central High School football fields.

David Harris, Vice President of Integrations with BenchMark Physical Therapy stated “We are proud to make this contribution to the school system in order to support the athletics departments that we serve as part of our sports medicine program.” BenchMark has provided sports medicine and athletic training services to both Walker Valley High School and Bradley Central High School for the last four consecutive years. Harris went on to say “Our outreach to these schools and the community are a valuable part of what we do at BenchMark.”

The new jumbotron scoreboards were installed at both schools prior to the 2017 football season and are now in use during games and events.

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