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Injury Prevention

Five Tips For an Injury-Free Little League Season

by: Sarah Harrison – Lexington Beaumont, KY Center Spring in almost here and with it come the crack of the bat, the roar of the...

Injury Prevention

7 Simple Stretches to Help Prevent Injuries in Competitive Swimmers

by: Amy Morlock – Bel Air, Maryland Center With all this cold weather, we are all looking forward to warmer days and the start of...

Injury Prevention

Safe Snow Shoveling Tips

BY: Mark Young, PT, DPT, Center Manager of Flanders, NJ Center Don’t injure yourself trying to clean up after the storm.  Snow removal can be...

Injury Prevention

5 Tips for Preventing Winter Slips & Falls

Every year, December brings us holidays and wintry weather. Every year in our clinics we encounter patients who have fallen while walking on the snow...

Injury Prevention

The Hamstring Injury, Complex Indeed

As the summer heat is in full force, so are the injuries affecting Wimbledon. As of June 28, 12 players had pulled out of the...