Get Your Fit(Bit) On


By: Laura Keys, DPT

Fitness or activity trackers have been found to help people achieve greater levels of fitness, even with their busy daily schedules. The Fitbit brand of tracker, in particular, has become a phenomenon in the past year.

They can be individualized

Fitbits come in various models, colors and sizes to allow for comfort and individuality.

  • Fitbit Zip and One: These clip-on trackers are small enough to be discrete for every day use.
  • Fitbit Flex: A stylish and sleek wristband that is offered in a variety of colors. The flex has even paired with designers including Tory Burch to make fitness stylish.
  • Fitbit Charge/Charge HR: A bulkier version that includes caller ID and steps progression each day. The Charge HR also senses heart rate throughout the day to give an accurate continuous heart rate or achieved heart rate zones with exercise.
  • Fitbit Surge: The newest addition to the Fitbit family offers GPS tracking to show splits, elevations, and paces for the fitness enthusiast.


They promote daily and weekly challenges

Fitbit taps into your competitive side by offering various daily and weekly challenges for your own goals or to compete against your friends. The variation allows you to decide what challenges are most feasible for your lifestyle.

  • Goal Day: This challenges you to set a goal for the number of steps you will achieve that day. Smash your personal goal by using alternatives throughout the day to gain more steps.
  • Weekend Warrior: Do you opt for action-packed weekends after the crazy workweek? Challenge your friends to take most of their steps on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Daily Showdown: Take on your friends one day at a time. Gain as many steps as possible in one day to face off with others.
  • Workweek Hustle: Have the motivation to add steps after the workday with a long walk or stop by your gym? Challenge your friends to see who can achieve the most steps by the end of the workweek.

Not only do you get to see throughout the challenges how you rank compared with other competitors?your contenders, but Fitbit also gives you the option to either cheer on or taunt your friends. Everyone wants to take home that challenge crown at the end of the day!


Tips to Using your Fitbit Activity Tracker:

You do not have to run six miles every day to challenge yourself when it comes to fitness. Daily activity level, exercise, caloric balance, hydration, and sleep all contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Modify your daily lifestyle to gain those extra steps: take the stairs instead of the elevator or park a greater distance from stores. Little changes make big difference at the end of the day.
  • Track your water intake on the app: especially during hot summer months, people underestimate how much water they are drinking. Rule of thumb: whatever your weight is in pounds, drink half that amount ounces of water every day.
  • Plan an action-packed summer: Lying by the pool is relaxing, but let’s step it up. Pull the bike out of the garage, throw the golf clubs into the car, or plan a hike at your state park. Choosing enjoyable activities will keep you motivated toward a healthy and active lifestyle.

Visit the FitBit blog for more tips on how to use your Fitbit or ways to get your fit on!


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