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8 Ways to Keep the Pounds Off During the Holidays

As the holidays approach, it’s easy to be tempted by cravings of sweets, baked goods and favorite comfort foods. Here are some helpful tips to get through the holidays without packing on the extra unwanted pounds:

1. Exercise 30 minutes each day. This will get your heart rate up, burn calories and relieve stress.

2. Eat as you normally would.  Don’t skip meals!

3. Don’t stuff yourself. Eat until you feel satisfied and full.

4. If you must snack, try nuts, vegetables and fruit.

5. Drink plenty of water. Consume 8 ounces prior to a big meal to make you feel full.

6. Make your own healthful dish for a gathering.

7. When socializing, don’t stand near the party table where the snacks are.

8. Cook healthy. For instance, use low-fat chicken broth instead of butter with mashed potatoes and choose light or fat-free salad dressings.


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