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How Physical Therapy Can Be Effective For Youth Athletes

Athletes of all ages need to be in tip-top shape so they can perform their best when the game is on the line. Aches, pain, strains, and overuse injuries are some of the most common injuries for athletes, which is why it's essential to make sure that athletes seek effective treatment for these bumps and bruises when they arise. Physical therapy can be an effective method for alleviating pain, treating injuries, and reducing the likelihood of future injuries from occurring for athletes of all ages.

Take a look at some of the most important reasons that physical therapy can be useful and effective for youth athletes.

Common Youth Athlete Injuries

Youth sports can be the cause of millions of injuries sustained every single year for young athletes between the ages of 5 and 24 according to the CDC. In addition, youth sports injuries are the second leading cause of emergency room visits. Some of the most common youth athlete injuries often range from simple bumps and bruises to more significant injuries which can include sprains, tears, or the development of a chronic injury.

With so many injuries sustained every single year, youth athletes, coaches, and parents should consider physical therapy to not only treat injuries when they arise but to be an effective method to reduce the likelihood of future injuries from occurring.

Physical Therapy Helps Athletes Stay On Top of Their Game

Youth athletes can be seen by a physical therapist for prehabilitation to reduce the likelihood of future injuries, alleviate pain after an injury, and ensure a successful return to athletic activities and sports.

Injury Prevention

Physical therapy can help youth athletes reduce the likelihood of an injury either while participating in a sporting event, at practice, or when participating in other recreational activities. Injuries at a young age that aren't properly treated may have a lasting impact on the performance and enjoyment of the sporting activity for the athlete. Sports injuries that aren't properly evaluated and treated may develop into chronic conditions.

One of the many ways physical therapy is instrumental in helping young athletes avoid injury is through education on how potential injuries may occur and to help the athlete spot potential concerns while training and participating in sporting activities. Our licensed and trained physical therapists can also provide guidance on the proper way to perform maneuvers, the importance of eating a proper diet, and provide guidance on the importance of proper warmup, stretching, and cooldown periods.

Physical therapists can also educate on ways to reduce the risk of injury by adding small changes to their daily practice routine. These could include completing stretches and exercises that are unique to their sport, correcting movement and alignment concerns early on, and showcasing how they can improve their overall wellness to become better athletes in the long run.

Physical therapy can also be an instrumental aspect of educating youth athletes on the importance of building strength, improving their range of motion, and the correlation between training and proper rest and recovery periods which can help them compete at their best and have fun while doing so.

Injury Rehabilitation

Physical therapy is an effective way for young athletes to properly rehabilitate to get back onto the court and have fun. Even small injuries like overuse injuries can turn into chronic pain if not properly addressed. Our licensed and trained physical therapists work with young athletes to help them properly recover and ensure that they can compete at their best based on a unique and tailored treatment program that is designed to fit their unique needs and goals.

Once a youth athlete begins a personalized injury rehabilitation treatment program, our physical therapists will work closely with the athlete which starts with a comprehensive assessment to evaluate range of motion, functional capacity, pain levels, flexibility, and more. From there, the PTs will work to alleviate pain, improve or restore mobility, and build strength.

Treat Youth Athlete Injuries with Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an important component to help young athletes develop good training habits and techniques to reduce the likelihood of future injuries, effectively recover from a previous injury, and optimize their performance while training. Our trained and licensed physical therapists can help athletes of all ages across the United States.

Schedule an appointment today at a nearby physical therapy clinic to see how physical therapy can help athletes alleviate pain, recover from injuries, prevent future injuries, and optimize their performance so they can continue to play the sports they love most.


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