Health Benefits of Pickleball

Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the nation, and individuals of all ages are eager to jump in on the fun and participate in this emerging sport. With its low barrier to entry and easy-to-understand rules, Pickleball is a great physical activity for people to pick up and play if they’re looking to increase their activity levels and reap some significant health benefits. Before beginning any type of exercise or stretching routine, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional. Take a look at some of the many health benefits of playing Pickleball and see why you should consider giving it a chance.

Enjoyable Form of Exercise

One of the best things about Pickleball is that it can be an enjoyable form of exercise. One of the many complaints or excuses from those who are looking to get more physically active is that they often delay exercise because they don’t enjoy it or they feel like it’s a chore that they have to force themselves to do. Pickleball is an enjoyable sport and activity first and foremost, that also happens to be a great form of exercise as well. Committing to and sticking to an exercise routine can be challenging if you don’t enjoy it, which is why you should always consider doing physical activities that you’re passionate about and enjoy. Pickleball can be a great way to stay motivated to continue working towards your health goals.

Improve Cardiovascular Health

Another health benefit of playing Pickleball is that it can be a great exercise to build cardiovascular endurance and get the heart pumping. As you play a match, you’ll be running back and forth to return each volley and try to win the game. Improving your heart health through cardiovascular exercise can help you reduce the risk for heart disease, stroke, heart attack, and hypertension.

Reduce Stress

Playing a sport and participating in physical activity can also help you reduce your stress levels. Occupying yourself with a beneficial exercise can help you take your mind off of stressors in your personal life and can help you boost both mood and mental health. A recent study demonstrated the benefits that playing Pickleball can have on individuals and showed significant improvements in personal well-being, depression, stress, life satisfaction, happiness, and more. Exercises and physical activity that allow you to get the heart pumping also give your body an opportunity to release endorphins which may help to improve your mood and lower stress as well.

Improve Balance and Hand-Eye Coordination

The next health benefit of playing Pickleball is that it’s a great way for you to improve your balance and hand-eye coordination. Maneuvering around the Pickleball court, lining up a return volley, or coordinating with your teammate to get into position for their play allow you to work on core movement fundamentals and hand-eye coordination. Pickleball can be a great activity to help you improve your footwork and balance as you play.

Competitive Outlet For Competitive Individuals

Competitive folks also have a new outlet for their competitive spirit. For many former athletes, it can be difficult not having a competitive outlet as they age. Pickleball can be both fun and competitive, depending on how serious you and your playing partner(s) take it. There are fun recreational leagues, pick-up games, or more serious tournaments and competitions that you can participate in. For those individuals who are looking to channel their competitive drive, they can do it through a positive outlet and boost their spirits with a game of Pickleball.

Low-Impact Activity

Compared to many other sports, Pickleball can be a great low-impact activity for those individuals who need to take it easy on their body. Pickleball is a great option for those who are looking for a physical activity that is easier on their joints, bones, and muscles.

Social Activity

Another excellent mental health benefit to playing Pickleball is the impact it can have on your ability to connect with others. Pickleball and the larger community of those who regularly play are a very social and engaging group. You’ll be able to find welcoming friends and groups that are eager to have you join them and it can be a great social outlet to meet a bunch of new individuals and make some friends along the way. Not only is Pickleball a great way to meet and engage with new individuals, it’s great for the whole family. With its low barrier to entry and skill level requirements that are perfect for the whole family, both young and old family members can participate and be a part of the fun, thus strengthening the relationships you’ve already got.

Manage Weight

Pickleball is a great way to improve overall wellness and get people moving, which means that it may also help individuals manage their weight. Depending on the intensity of the Pickleball session, some individuals can burn between 350 to 600 calories in an hour.

Treat Pickleball Injuries with Physical Therapy

Pickleball is a fun and engaging sport that’s taking the nation by storm and showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. As with any sport, injuries may occur and physical therapy can be an effective treatment option to help you get back on your feet and on the court for the next match. Request an appointment at a nearby PT clinic to see how physical therapy can help you alleviate aches and pains, restore movement, improve function, and help you get back to playing Pickleball.


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