Father's Day PT Jokes - Newsletter

Father's Day Physical Therapy Dad Jokes

Father's Day is quickly approaching, for all those last-minute gift-givers, and in the spirit of the holiday we figured we'd highlight some of the funniest physical therapy jokes we could find across the web in honor of those classic "dad jokes". As you're reviewing some of the PT jokes we came across, perhaps you'll find them humerus.


"I had a patient come in complaining about lower leg pain. I told them it is going tibia ok."


"Attempted to do my PT exercises this morning. Didn't workout." Source: Upjoke.com


"What did the pinched nerve say to the patient?" "Before physical therapy, I was a pain in the neck."


"When on crutches, you say Autumn… not fall" Source: Goodbyecrutches.com and Pinterest


"My patient was a fan of sports, so I made sure we helped set realistic treatment GOALLLSSSS!"


"Last week I broke a finger. On the other hand, I was okay."


"I asked one of my PT students how their classwork was coming along. They said it was a joint effort."


"I tell my PT I try and jog twice a week. It's a running joke I have." Source: Upjoke.com


"I once heard a patient say that they were passionate about their exercises, I felt like that was a stretch."


"I wanted to raise my patient's physical therapy expectations, so I kept them on their toes."


"I guess your back found me funny — it was cracking up!"


"Don't be a PT who gets angry easily — keep finding patients!"

We hope everyone has a wonderful father's day weekend and some of these "dad jokes" made you laugh!

DISCLAIMER: We tried to make up our own PT jokes, attribute other funny ones we could find, and the jokes or patient stories are made up.