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How To Stay Active During the Winter

Sticking to healthy habits and physical activity during the winter months can be a challenge as the weather gets colder and we find reasons to avoid going outside or staying physically active. One of the pitfalls during the winter season is that the changing seasons can make it seem easy to abandon your workouts during the winter months. Cold weather, decreased daylight hours, and the bone-chilling winds beg you to stay nestled under the warm covers of your bed or stay indoors with the thermostat turned up. While you may not feel like working out in these conditions, staying physically active during the winter months is essential to your physical and mental health. Taking the dog for a daily walk obviously isn't always an option during the winter, but there are plenty of other types of exercise and activities you can implement to get you through the winter season and remain active to stay on track with your healthy living and wellness goals. Before beginning any exercise and physical activity, you should always consult with a qualified healthcare professional. Take a look at some of the best ways you can stay active during the winter with these winter exercise tips.

Workout From Home

Working out from home is easier than ever with all kinds of new workout programs online and fitness equipment that comes packaged with online classes and training sessions you can tune into. In addition, plenty of local gyms now offer Zoom classes or pre-recorded workouts you can find online through their website or through popular social media including Instagram and YouTube. Working out from home doesn't require expensive equipment either, as you can always work up a sweat with low-impact activities and the items you can find around your house. There is also no shortage of apps you can take advantage of to find workouts you can do from home with just your body weight and easily track your progress along the way. You can even setup some of the applications to give you important reminders to hold you accountable and keep you on schedule. If you do decide to purchase some equipment for your at-home workouts, you can always invest in practical and easy-to-use equipment that won't force you to break open the piggy bank. Working out from home can be as easy as purchasing a few dumbbells at a local sports store and coming up with a creative workout plan that will allow you to utilize your dumbbells in a variety of exercises. If you'd like, you can also purchase more expensive sets of equipment which can be viewed as a worthwhile investment if you plan to use it often. You can save money by looking for used equipment or from discount wholesalers who are getting rid of older inventory. Working out from home with your own equipment, whether you purchase it at a local store or find items you can use around the house, is a great way to stay on top of your wellness goals and remain indoors during the winter season.

Indoor Exercising

Another great option and method for you to stay active during the winter months is to find a way to exercise indoors at local gyms, venues, and other locations at your disposal. If you can't workout from home as we've outlined above, there are plenty of other options like working out at your employer's dedicated gym, your apartment gym, local community centers, indoor recreational swimming pools, and more. In addition, you can make exercising part of your normal routine, like walking around the mall a few extra times while getting your routine shopping in. If you're passionate about working outdoors, you should try to find like-minded individuals who workout indoors during the colder months or join a gym or fitness class that will allow you to cancel when the weather warms up and you can get back outdoors again. Many gyms and fitness classes often offer promotions around the new year to entice people to try out their gym membership, so you can often find opportunities to workout indoors and have reduced commitment contracts. Exercising indoors can also include participating in recreational activities that expend energy. Some of the best things you can do to get that heart rate up through a recreational activity include dancing, bowling, roller skating, yoga, or climbing stairs when walking around your office or apartment building.

Find Ways to Make Mundane Tasks an Exercise Opportunity

The next great tip for staying active during the winter is to find ways to make mundane tasks an exercise opportunity. In other words, if one of your chores throughout the week is to vacuum the house and tidy up some home maintenance, you can make it part of your workout for the week. Even a task as simple as shoveling snow from a recent snowfall can be counted towards your weekly physical activity recommendations. Remember that doing a repetitive or heavy lifting task when you are not warmed up or not physically prepared can increase the risk of injury. Gradually ease into it and take your time. There are probably dozens of tasks you routinely do every single week that you could tweak a little bit to get the blood pumping and get in some physical activity as you go throughout the day. It's important to remember that a little bit adds up over time and fifteen minutes here and there throughout the day can be better than nothing at all, especially during the winter months.

Winter Sports

Winter sports can be another great way to stay active during the winter. There are plenty of sports that only host their seasons during the winter months which means that they can not only give you a great way to stay in shape year-round if you're an athlete, but give you something to do during those winter months when you're trying to stay active. Some of the most popular winter sports to consider include ice skating, skiing, sledding, snowmobiling, snowboarding, ice hockey, and curling. Other sports that you can consider which have active participation during the winter months and begin their season in the fall include basketball, indoor soccer, cheerleading, and indoor volleyball. When participating in winter sports to stay active during the winter, it's always important to remember that you should always warm up and stretch to reduce the likelihood of injuries from tense muscles and frigid temperatures.

Stay Warm

Staying warm during the winter is an important part of making sure that you're safe when you participate in winter activities. Proper clothing and winter exercise gear can help you bundle up and protect you from serious issues like frostbite or hypothermia. One of the best ways to stay warm if you choose to workout outdoors during the winter season is to layer up. When you layer up during the winter, you're essentially creating additional insulation to keep your body's natural heat in. Stick to layers that keep you warm, dry, and protect you from bitter-cold winds. The top layer should protect from wind and water, and be breathable. A good example of a breathable top layer could include a water-resistant coat or jacket. When selecting which clothes to wear to stay warm during the winter months, you should also try to find reflective clothing that will help others spot you and help you stay safe. Always protect your head, hands, and feet with gloves, thick socks, and a winter hat.

Commit to Staying Active

Staying active during the winter season also starts with remaining committed. It can be easy to nestle in during the colder months and push off your healthy living and wellness goals until the weather starts to warm up in a couple of months. Push past this urge and find a way to commit to getting the recommended amount of exercise per week. As we've outlined above, there are plenty of things you can do around the house and during your downtime to get the blood pumping and your body moving. A great way to remain committed to your wellness goals during the winter is to find a partner or group who can hold you accountable. Working out with a partner can be a great way to find motivation on those days when you need a little extra support. Carving out a daily block of time in your calendar can also be a great way of making sure you dedicate time each day to getting active.

Get Treatment for Injuries

One of the things that can sideline you during the winter is not getting treatment for your injuries. Seeking physical therapy treatment for your aches and pains is a great way to make sure that you can alleviate pain and remain active throughout the winter. Find a local physical therapy clinic near you to schedule an appointment today and see how physical therapy can help you stay active throughout the winter.


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